Rock n Rumble Street wear

New business idea

What happens when MMA meets Rock 'n' Roll? The answer is Rock n Rumble Street wear.

Mario and Shannon have been into MMA and their rock and roll street style ever since I knew them and after many years, with their life experiences, resources and many drunken nights, they have decided to share their love of MMA and Rock n Roll with everyone who has the heart and style for it.

To start off, they will need a new branding that can reflect who they are and what they love. Secondly an online store where they can showcase and sell them directly to similar fans.

Rock 'n' roll...

A new logo that rocks and a new online store to roll. A careful analysis was done on what was needed to kick start the online store. What to sell, how to sell, how to deliver, how to promote and msost importantly how to attract rockers n rollers who can find them and trust the online store to buy from them.

The design should incorporate everything MMA and rock n roll of course and everything the fans would like to see and know.

A custom CMS solutions that they can use with ease to put their stocks and intelligently allows them to sort out their contents, product category, prices and finally tracking sale.

The Outcome

A rustic, gothic brand and logo was created that rocks. An equally impressive website was also created with a strong custom CMS system build in by the smart developer at Stylish web media. The CMS has been customised to do everything the online store requires from creating to tracking stock and sales. With some social media marketing and flyers, the online business has officially kicked off and within the first 3 months, there were already 4 figures in total online sales. It has broken the 5 figures sales 6 months down and is now operaitng at a profitable level. No wonder I have seen more rocker fashion on the streets these days.

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