Precise Business Solutions

The problem

On July, the client ran an internal workshop to discuss what they felt the User Experience should be on the new website. Their current website has served them well so far, however it has restrictions andthey have outgrown the structure. It is also a little outdated and needs to be modernized.

It was originally designed when we were only selling Epicor. Now that we are also a partner for NetSuite and other products, it has been difficult fitting these into the site structure. The client is not using a generic CMS, like Wordpress or Drupal.

They need to be able to create landing pages on an adhoc basis for campaigns in both ERP Solutions and Precise Products departments. Search function is also missing to enable the visitor to do a site search with keywords.

In summary, the current site, design, structure and backend can no longer support the current business model.

The task

A new redesign based on current branding and business model is urgently required for the business to continue it's growth esspecailly to the online community.

The new website needs to support a structure that are very relevant in order to push the client toward the best solution for its business.

The new design need to be responsive to an extend that if light loading version is needed a mobile only version is required.

The new site would be developed on wordpress platform and it would need to support DIY landing pages on an adhoc basis and also the ability to generate multiple pages with different style based on a readily setup mix content templates.

A client login redesign is also on the pipeline once the main website has been fully implemented.

The Outcome

The initial design has gone through a few stages and finally the thumbs up have been given to the main structure, layout and design of the site. Clean and minimalistic design is the key with lots of elements and functions presented in a click to reveal more manner, as requested by the client. The banner area is set to have 2 main schemes - a darker and a lighter version depending on the main marketing materials being produced and promoted on the site. A set of new business icons have been created for use to represent the different solutions that the business can offer to the differrent industries. Multiple set of illustrations, all Precise branded nonetheless, have been created for use on different landing pages. The next production in the pipeline will be the cloud solutions and more of the mixed content templates. Client is very pleased with the final design.

project still in progress