O Villas Seminyak Bali

Abother villa in Bali

The client enjoys travelling and with a couple of equally wealthy friends, they have decided to develop a luxury villa business in Seminyak Bali. He needed a new branding for the business and of course a new website promoting the villas with external booking platform implemented.

Selamat datang...

I was asked to help with the design and development of the project. A set of logos was created and after the selection ws made a neat and luxurious looking design was done. It will feature all the information regarding the villas including promotions, pricing and an external booking platform.

The Outcome

It was a success with very regular enquiry and booking. The villas are now operating at almost 70% occupancy rates and with clever seasonal promotions and more 2-3 bedrooms promotion utilising the 4 bedrooms villas, the occupancy rates will soon be closing up to near 100%. Yet to stay there although I was offered free stay... Maybe soon!

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