Outback Float Planes

The problem

Outback Float Plane Adventures is likely the most unique tour operator in the Northern Territory. Part owner of this business venture is television personality Matt Right from the pay TV show Outback Wrangler.

The old site only has 3 pages and it doesn't even promote the adventure tours, the fun, the all inclusive prices, the equipment and what is fun and exciting in the Northern Territory.

Promotion has been via print flyers and brochures, which is obviously not sufficient especially when ithe business has a very good review from trip advisor.

3 pages website and crappy design Must go.

The task

A new stunning and exciting website is needed. This website needs to be a showcase for the Top End tourism industry. It will need to be a high impact website that quickly conveys the excitement, adventure and affordability of the tour.

The website should lead with a new promotional video of the company. The design and imagery would need to incorporate Swamps, Rainforests, Flood Plains, Northern Territory, The magnificient equipment and nonetheless, The amazing staffs that made all the adventures possible.

The visual should be as big as posisble and the rave review from trip advisor regarding the business and adventures must be promoted as much as possibe.

The Outcome

The new website is LIVE! and it's got heaps of positive feedback. The clean layout and the big adventure photography fully promote what the business do and what people get when they sign up for the ultimate outback tour the business offers. The clean and fresh layout allows easy navigation and absolute pleasure in reading through the contents on the site. The CMS side of the website is still in development but the client jsut couldn't wait for it to go LIVE without the backend implemented because it's simply 1000 times better than the old site.

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