Liam Naughton

New artist

Liam grew up in Kilmallock Co. Limerick in lush Ireland but he has been living in dry Perth WA since 2004. Coming from a very musical family on both sides, he has been singing since before he could speak. Yawn!

He started learing the guitar so he could play and sing all the songs in the world he wanted to. After many years have come and gone, in 2012, he has finally written, produced, composed and sung 5 tracks and decided to produce and release his very first personal EP out of his own pocket.

What a brave artist and a good one may I add. He has the dream but need to find a way to make it real.

Selling an artist

He found me out of nowhere and the next thing I started designing for him. Packaging his creative production and market it online. How? Via a website of course.

I was asked to design a simple yet modern site that represents him. Simple, clean, minimalistic but great impact is what Liam wants. While having a website to promote himself and his work, he needs to test if he can sell his EP online as well but due to the restrictions and requirements on the major online music stores, he was unable to sell his music directly.

Luckily for sites like tunecore and ditto, where Liam can publish his work digitally and selling them on all the major online music stores.

The Outcome

He is now officially an artist who has over 200+ likes, subscriptions and most importantly fans. After a few months of launching his EP and website, he has also begun to get music sales from places like itunes, googleplay and amazon. He has been invited to play duo and trio with other artists and perform in a couple of places. He has been gathering his resources for an actual band and soon he will be performing gigs at places. He has also been given rave reviews by magazines' editor and is on his way to stardom in the very near future. Bravo to our Perth Own Artist.

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