Green Goddess Florist

The problem

The old website is seriously outdated and is not attracting people to browse and shop with them online. The client think the existing logo also looks a little dull and doesn't help the business retention.

Client was not happy with their existing CMS system and the e-commerce package especailly when the business is expanding into interstate delivery.

The task

A refresh to the logo is requested retaining parts of the style from existing version. A fresh site redesign with a brand new CMS and e-commerce platform is needed to improve the business's online presence.

Client insisted that floral texture, vibrant colours must be used on the site although images of products are usually very colourful in nature.

The Outcome

A refresh version of the existing logo was done with new customed calligraphic typeface and the use of leaf as emphasis to the business name. A brand new design was done for the website and full colours were used all over. Bold and vibrant colours were used on category navigation and title headings only to avoid visual crashes with the main product images. Light floral pattern was also used on top and bottom but a light texture was used on the body. The implementation of a new CMS system and e-commerce platform was smooth and voola... a new refreshed online florist.

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