Darwin Fishing Office

The problem

Darwin Fishing Office owns and operates the biggest fishing charter boat business in Darwin. The business has the biggest and best boats, which contributed to 90% of its business. 10% of the business is as a travel agency taking bookings for other things in Darwin that the business doesn’t do such as Hotel Bookings and Tours to Kakadu and Harbour Cruises etc. Nonetheless the business earns a commission for these bookings.

The business is targeting Local/Interstate/International. Currently the existing website is in the client's word, "a disgrace" & "is ashamed of it".

The client hates the colours and the small images used in the navigation. He also dislikes the images used all over the site and he said he would have chosen classic hotel view photos than a woman lying in bed.

Apart from the site not living up to the business's reputation, it's also confusing, unorganised and unattractive especailly not appealing to the corporate world.

The task

Client requires a site redesign, a CMS system for them to load contents, tours and packages. The site needs to reflect what the business is offering, which is specialist in chartered fishing tours and the biggest in Darwin.

Client wanted to use videos and photos that they have on tumblr to reflect the satisfaction of all their past passengers who chatered with them.

Imagery and site elements must reflect the fun and satisfaction of sport fishing and being able to bring back/eat their own catch.

Client wanted the design/site to reflect Fun, Exciting and Adventurous & Safe and the primary colour be Coral Reef Colours and Blue Water.

Since the business has the biggest and best boats, the site needs to reflect that to people who wanted to charter with them.

The Outcome

A new design was done for the client based on the requirements needed. The design reflects fun, exciting & adventurous. Big hero banner area are set on all the main landing pages, which allows the client to load all their quality tumblr photos and videos. The design also allow the client to promote their best selling tours and attractions. An area was reserved for client to feature their many different tours targeting at different visitors. Clean, boxy and an easily accessible enquiry form is implemented all over the site design. Tour/Package details page displays clear, big price grid and also allows for full descriptive contents and support for imagery, important inclusion/exclusion and any downloadable materials.

site under development