Bums Up Modern Cloth Nappies

Mothers with idea

2 mothers partnered together and boy, they have some ideas... and they all involve babies!

They have been into environmentally friendly and reduce waste concept for years and after having babies, they have decided that cloth nappies would be the best solutions and the idea is more than green... It's also $100 note's green.

Cloth nappies are not only economical but also chemical free, so 100% care for babies and todlers. With that big idea on their head, they started an online business soon after. It was not too bad a few months in but they feel that they need a proper branding, logo and an intersting online store that attracts parents who share the same environmental and economical value like them.

Moreover, the cloth nappy lines that they have on the pipeline are getting more and more stylish and intersting, which further confirmed their decision for a new and stylish branding and a more functional online store.

Bums and babies

A new logo focusing on bums and babies is created. It went through a few different market testing and evaluation and it was decided that the idea of stylish and colourful, environmentally friendly and reusuable (washable) nappies and a bold bums must be present on the new branding. Hence the new logo that carries all that. It's thought to be a little complex at first but since the brand is targeting at parents, particularly mothers, so the colours, nappies and bold emphasis pass all the test.

The design went through a few changes as well, particularly the feel, colour and added design elements on the overall site. The first and second draft has lots of colours and baby elements, which was well accepted but it was later decided that a less online toys store feel and more cloth nappies will do better.

A final version was done focusing on cloth and emphasis on blue tone. It got all the thumbs up from the partners and existing fans. So the next thing was a CMS and online store platform for the newly created design.

The Outcome

With a new logo and a new website supported by a powerful CMS and e-commerce platform, the mothers' idea is no longer a dream but a solid online business. Sales started to come in just few days after launched and they have not stopped since. With some minor but smart offline promotions and between parents, the business is getting good and consistant sales per week and their MCN lines are expanding with more people wanting to do new design for the nappy line. The partners are now adding new product lines and some of them are designed by the customers and fans. The nappies are truely pretty stylish and they really are economical, 100% safe for babies and todlers and environmentally friendly.

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