The Boreman

The problem

The client has an old site setup years ago and like the aging process, it's completely outdated and doesn't represent the business anymore.

The site is not conveying the trustworthiness of the fmaily business, which has been servicing Perth's residential adn commercial customers for over 20 years.

The task

A bold and trustworthy logo is required for the business and a new responsive website is required.

The client requested easy access enquiry on the site like old school and a set of ready to use calls to actions which can be added onto any landing pages they want.

The Outcome

A bold green and blue logo is created for the new site redesign. A set of calls to action were created ready for use but the client thinks that the site should be left clean and fresh during launch and the CTAs will be added progressively after launched to keep the site fresh over a period of time. A wordpress powered CMS has been implemented and new contents orientated pages will be created as the client slowly introduces the CTAs.

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