Argus Apartments Darwin

The problem

Argus Darwin offers 4.5 star spacious, affordable and luxury accommodation in Darwin.

The luxury and spacious interior can't be seen anywhere else in Darwin or any other places.

The current site is too dark, and doesn't do the apartments' any justice in terms of it's luxurious and spacious interiors and it's 2 most attractive features; affordable and location.

The outdated design of the current site is not well accepted by people and it doesn't sell to the general target market, which is anyone visiting Darwin.

The task

The new design needs to allow for big imagery that clearly shows the features of the apartments. The design needs to reflect casual, relax but luxurious.

Main features of the new design must reflect the size and spaciousness of the apartments, Their central location and close proximity to local attractions, restaurants, shopping and the convention centre, Their price match guarantee & secure reservations.

It will be developed on wordpress platform and the price guarantee, central locations and spaciousness of the apartments must be promoted all over the website.

The Outcome

Big and spacious the new design is! The client is still getting most of the new photography sorted but the initial photography used on the new design were stunning. It fully reflects the interior of the apartments. With streamlined navigation, logo and check availability area nicely posiitoned on the design without covering much of the stunning imagery. Prices for the different apartments are layout bold, clear and big. The layout of the landing pages are clean and a little boxy nonetheless due to the amount of tourist information but the overall result is exactly what the client wanted!

site under development