ABA Automatic Gates

The problem

The client thinks that the current site is too dark and not enough contents. Exisitng pages are only landing pages created for SEO purpose.

Current site doesn't reflect the quality services that they provide and do not showcase their work.

The task

The client wanted a new fresh design that's light and heavily showcase the quality work the have done and promote services that they offer.

The client needs to promote the quality brands they partnered with and the ability to promote the product ranges that they stock.

The Outcome

A new fresh light toned design was done for the client. The design incorporate huge full width banner area that allows for high quality shoots of the work that they have done for their customers. The new site also allow them to heavily promote the product ranges they offer. A wordpress powered CMS will be implemented. Now the newly designed site will achieve both what the client want and SEO wise.

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