21 Catering

New venture

A young chef with big dreams. 21 Catering is a new catering business Jonny Peacham, the head chef, and his wife.

Someone drafted him a log with crappy font and a knief and the couple si very sure people aren't going to call for their services.

Jonny has 14 years of experience and his wife is an expert in organising so they need a new brands and a new site to promote thier new catering business.

New branding

A new branding is needed to reflect the young but experienced chef. New brand must carries the catering business element but no knief and blue.

A brand new website is also needed to promote what the business offer. It shall be simple but vibrant. The design shall be young but profession, vibrant and colourful but not too much from imagery. It should be easy to navigate and allow enquiry from every corner.

The Outcome

A new brand was created. Blue is the main colour and so blue it is! The new logo looks professional and young and the original clipart knief is definitely gone. It was replaced with a set of cutlery (spoon & fork) twisted in an oval shap with silver tint. A new type face with custom twist was also used for the business name. The website is equally vibrant with the use of many vibrant colours on site elements such as navigation, title bar and headings. They are bold without being in your face. A smart sticky hide/show enquiry section has also been implemented so literally is anywhere, anytime. The client is extremely happy and they have 3 bookings 2 weeks after launching the site. That's the website speaking for itself.

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